AFLW Indigenous Guernsey

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2021  Women’s Indigenous Guernsey 


The kangaroo paw flower represents the vibrant and resilient women who play for and support the North Melbourne Football Club. It’s a flower that comes in many different colours, shapes and sizes, perfectly representing the women of our community, the women who are past, present and future; the women who share a passion for this sport regardless of their nationality, colour and identity. This guernsey represents the truth that we are one and we are included! 


The circles with hands represent the journey we travel, the family we leave back home and the friends we make along the way. The boomerangs represent the men’s squad we currently play alongside - the fathers, brothers and guardians in our lives - who have encouraged us to become the strong women we are today!


The background of this guernsey is filled with things we need most in life - hands for support, shields for protection, symbols of our people, and the initials of two proud First Nations women you’ll be running alongside on game day! 


The U shapes represent the women, men and children who proudly support this club, filling our stadiums, cheering until they’re voiceless and helping to carry the hurt when you endure your losses. Lastly, the kangaroo tracks are the pathways you leave behind, so that the next generation can fearlessly follow!