Canterbury Adult Guernsey - Totem

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This Adult Totem Guernsey has been designed by talented Mok artist Lorraine Kabbindi White and was worn during the 2019 Sir Doug Nicholls Round. Featured on the North Jumper are powerful totems of each of its Aboriginal players - The Honey Ant (Jed Anderson), Goanna (Paul Ahern), Turtle (Jy Simpkin) and Water (Kyron Hayden). The Totem design also features the Rainbow Serpent or Ngalyod, a powerful being that originated from beneath the earth and created hige ridges, mountains and gorges, pushing its way towards the surface of the land. Arden St, the Roos spiritual home is featured through a blue oval or deep waterhole in which Ngalylod dwell. The centre of the jumper symbolises the NMFC, with the six blue bands running into it, representing the main rivers and water from each of the players home country, linking it back to their country.

Display your gratitude for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, and the many contributions they have made to the Australian Football League with this Adults Totem Guernsey.

Colour: Royal Blue and White Fabric: 100% Polyester. Worn in the 2019 Sir Doug Nicholls Round vs Western Bulldogs.