Canterbury Supporters Beanie

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Now: $15.00
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Warm, comfortable and iconic are just a few words to describe this beanie. During the winter months stay warm and stylish on the sidelines as North Melbourne compete for the 2020 title.

Supporter gear is never complete without the addition of a beanie. Featuring the blue and white colours that North Melbourne are synonymous with, there’ll be no question as to who you support. The addition of jacquard stripes also works towards making this a fashionable piece. Despite screaming North Melbourne, you can be sure that this beanie has other benefits. Durable, warm and lightweight, the beanie will feel as light as a feather sitting on your head. The use of acrylic knit yarn also helps give this beanie warmth. Perfect for cold winter’s days spent at the game or local sport. When you buy a piece of supporter wear you want to be sure that it will stand the test of time. The Supporters Beanie will do just that.

- Materials: 100% Acrylic knit yarn
- One size
- Colour: NMFC Blue
- Embroidered logos on turn up