Magic Moments- Signed Guernsey

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Limited edition. Only 10 available. 

Relive 10 magic moments in North Melbourne's history with this piece that includes an iconic image from each moment and guernsey signed by each of the players involved in the special moment. Moments include: John Dugdale Mark in 1961 against St Kilda, Wayne Schimmelbusch and John Kennedy after the 1985 Elimination Final against Carlton, Glenn Archer and Anothony Stevens being carried off the ground after the Round 1 match in 2002 against Port Adelaide, Allen Aylett and Ron Barassi celebrating the 1975 Premiership, Denis Pagan and Wayne Carey holding up the 1996 Gold Premiership Cup, Keith Greig mark in the 1970s against South Melbourne, Brent Harvey being chaired off in his AFL games record breaking match, Malcolm Blight goal after the siren in 1976 against Carlton, Noel Teasdale headband after a head on collision and the Phil Baker mark in 1978.